Victoria Collins
ISTD British International Ski Teacher

I love to ski, it’s been my passion for the last 25 years! The mountains are my playground, where I love to share my knowledge with others. I want to teach you the skills to help you become a freer skier, who is able to explore and enjoy the whole mountain, just as much as I do!


I’m a British international ski teacher holding the ISTD diploma in skiing with full french equivalence, the highest qualification for teaching skiing in the world! I live up high in the ski resort of Tignes with Nicholas and our two boys. Link is a baby and Oscar is 13 years old.
As a ski teacher I am very positive, encouraging and fun. I’m naturally happy, loving life present in the moment and I strive to be inspirational in my skiing skills. I believe that ‘we ski because we love it’ and the main reason to become a stronger and a more skilled skier is to gain more enjoyment from this spectacular sport and be able to explore more of the mountains!


As a child I was nuts, I was always upside-down, jumping off things and swinging from trees. I had a powerful spirit for adventure and freedom and was scared of nothing. I had a need for speed and often gave my parents mini heart attacks with my tricks and stunts. However to be fair, I’m actually still nuts, still upside down and still giving my parents mini heart attacks even now.
My parents thought I would grow up to be a stunt women, so becoming a skier wasn’t far off. My Dad is mostly to blame for this, I get my free spirit from him. From as soon as I could hold my head up he was throwing me in the sky and whizzing me around fast on the back of his motorbike as soon as I was big enough to hold on. He taught me no fear from the beginning and since then fear has rarely made an appearance in my life.


I was lucky to discover skiing at a very young age, I just loved the speed! I embraced my love for the sport and trained to be a ski racer. After just a couple of seasons of dedicating myself to intense training, I was competing and traveling around Europe and podiuming in international championships. 
Alongside skiing I’m a keen mountain biker, mountain trail runner, paraglider, slack liner, speed rider, skateboarder, rock climber, wakeboarder, surfer and all round adventurer. I love sharing all these extreme sports with my eldest son Ossie and he has summited some of the highest altitudinous mountains around here by just 8 years old! 


  • BASI LEVEL 4 ISTD Ski Teacher
  • Skiing for over 25 years
  • One of the highest qualified ski teachers in the world
  • Extensive teaching experience, over 18 years
  • Ex ski racer to an international level
  • She has taught all over Europe
  • European speed test holder (means Tori can ski to a small percentage of the fastest skier in the world!)
  • Teaches all ages and abilities, taking into account your individual needs and goals
  • Loves skiing with children. Being a mother herself, she can keep your little ones safe, warm, loved, having fun and well behaved while learning new skills
  • Inspirational skier
  • Lived in the Espace Killy all her adult life and knows all the local secrets


  • ‘Entertaining’
  • ‘Great company’
  • ‘Bubbly’
  • ‘Careing’


  • ‘Patient with a genuine sense of calm’
  • ‘Enthusiastic with a positive energy’
  • ‘Inspiring! An amazingly strong skier’


Days on skis

+ KM of skiing

Hours coaching


Tori has finished teaching for the day and collects

her son Ossie from school in a way not many Mums can